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    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 2010

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    Canadian rockers The Dears played a respectably packed room at The Knitting Factory last night. Degeneration Street, their fifth studio album, is full of the tasty progressions and breakdowns that make this band such a pleasure to hear (and watch), and although it isn't hitting shelves until February, everyone who ventured out to the show got to hear the whole thing.

    Epically-named lead singer Murray Lightburn treated the evening with an even amount of incredulity and excitement (this quote is a best guess, I can't remember it exactly). "If you had told me I'd be doing this ten years ago," he told an excited crowd, "I would tell you you're crazy".

    The band has had some rough times over their fifteen year run, but together again for their two night stay at the Knitting Factory, they sound great. Not to mention how great it was to see Patrick Krief (pictured above) losing his mind with every guitar lick. That guy is the epitome of six-string euphoria.

    Also it's worth noting the band's sense of charity. The residency doubled as a chance to raise money for War Child International, an organization working to help children affected by the horrors of war.

    Degeneration Street is out 2/15 via Dangerbird Records, and features production from Tony Hoffer (Phoenix, Belle and Sebastian). First single "Omega Dog" is out now. -joe puglisi

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