final michael jackson record ready for release, again
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 2010

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    Michael, a collection of the king of pop's final recordings before his death, will be released on 12/14 via Epic Records, in conjunction with Jackson's estate. A teaser hits the site today, and on Monday, a one-week stream of a single song off the record called "Breaking News", which is funny, because it's kind of meta isn't it?

    The loss of an icon, not to mention the legal strife and finger pointing surrounding his death, made Michael Jackson one of the most talked about things in the latter half of 2009. Then This Is It, a film about the singer's perpetrations for his comeback tour (funny again, because that was not it), and an album of previously unreleased material to go along with it. Now several of Jackson's final recordings have been compiled for what will be his final record. Maybe. Put together Salieri style.* Maybe. Or maybe they were all done and just needed to be mastered. Who knows. No comment from the label.

    The artwork is a portrait by painter Kadir Nelson from 2009, depicting significant moments and people from Jackson's life. You can pre-order the record now, or wait and order it then, or wait a little longer until the next one comes out in 2011.** -joe puglisi

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    Michael Jackson on Myspace

    *+1000 points for appropriate Amadeus reference
    ** pure speculation

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