arcade fire give to charity, hint at new album
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 2010

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    Will Butler from Arcade Fire has been busy lately, touring, speaking, donating, and just being an all around good guy.

    First off, his band has been donating one dollar from every one of the band's tickets sold to Partners In Health, a group that creates and supports health clinics around the world. And, like a jerk, he's being totally modest about it. When asked by the Wall Street Journal if he would consider his band to be this generation's Bono, he simmply responded, "Isn't Bono this generation's Bono?". Butler then explained how he feels that seperating his art from their philanthropic work because when they mix, things obviously get a little preachy.

    Second, he took time out of his day to make a stop by his Alma Mater, Northwestern the other night to talk to students about his work with Partners In Health. Can you imagine Win Butler as your graduation speaker?

    Third, he's being generous to all his listners out there (us included) by announcing that the band will be simultaneously touring and working on a new album next spring because, according to him, "the weather will be so nice." What a good dude. Check back for more in the months to follow. [via] -brendan mehan

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