the vice party: a retrospective
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 2009

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    photo by Mo Pitz for Gawker Media.

    While discussing the recent cultural fiasco that was the Vice Halloween spectacular, one must take many factors into consideration: shoddy, awful security, rumors (probably true) of copious amounts of drugs, everyone intoxicated and impaired, rampant suggestive and insistent sexual behavior, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, no one could get in. Titus Andronicus was not happy about the ordeal, but you've already heard about that. However, here in the Baeble office, we are wondering... was the vice party the Altamont of the Hipster decade?

    The obvious answer is, um, no. First of all, Altamont was a tragedy, not a travesty, and it was widely heralded as the end of an era of good things like peace and love, not iPhones and Williamsburg. No one died at the Vice party, although I'm sure many wished they had while standing in the ridiculous line. The music acts weren't exactly these guys. More like these guys.

    However, with the extreme backlash against this anti-culture brewing in the cockles of Brooklyn (gross!), a giant party disaster with a flawed security system and tons of drugs and backlash, right at the end of the decade, does seem a bit analogous to a giant party disaster with a flawed security system and tons of drugs and backlash with a bit more exclusivity. Yes. But we could play the pick-some-adjectives comparison game with a bunch of other seemingly similar things, just to discover how different they really are! Let's brainstorm.

    • The Superbowl/The Tonys - There is singing and dancing/it's all about winning/people drink a lot

    • Great Depressions/College - Everyone is really poor/there is a lot of fire sale hunting/people drink a lot

    • The Vice Party/Your Eighth Grade Dance - Everyone dresses strangely/everyone acts like children/people drink a lot

    Do you see a pattern here? Words are easy to manipulate. Oh, and people drink a lot. That is life (since the invention of grain alcohol). There will always be parties and concerts and hippies and drugs and asshole security guards and people dressed in topical costumes on Halloween. Nothing incredibly monumental happened here, Hipsters live on, unfortunately. We still have many years of punishment via ironic t-shirts, skinny jeans and Williamsburg dive bars, thick glasses, bands you've never heard of, the word "indie" becoming even more meaningless, bragging about your food coop, cocaine, well you get it.

    The Jury is out on I Already Stopped Caring About This Story Records. I'll see all you hipsters at the Olympics. -joe puglisi

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