Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande's Collaboration Is Here... Wait, What?
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande are not quite the natural musical equivalent of peanut butter and jelly. But hey, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett did a whole album of duets - and it worked - so I guess anything can happen. Stevie and Ariana came together to bless the upcoming animated film Sing with an original song, "Faith." The track is a soaring, lively anthem with gospel and soul instrumentation packaged into clean-cut, but not overbearing, pop production. Stevie, no matter how old, always sounds golden and does not fail to bring his joyful energy to "Faith." Meanwhile, Grande blends in pretty well and matches the tone of the track with some impressive vocals. For all the skeptics and haters out there: you don't have to like her by any means, but you have to admit the woman can sing. Probably a good reason for the appearance alongside a legend like Stevie in the aptly titled Sing. "Faith" is lighthearted and fun, and proves that good writing can effortlessly bring together people as separated as Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande. Listen above and get your fix in before it inevitably becomes extremely overplayed.

    The film, out December 21st, is music-focused and revolves around a Matthew McConaughey-voiced koala staging a singing contest to save his failing theater. Other voice actors include Reese Witherspoon, John C. Reilly, Scarlett Johansson, and Nick Kroll. The soundtrack seems to have ample backing power, with performances from Tori Kelly, Jennifer Hudson, and Seth McFarlane as well as the voice cast. Check out the track listing below, as well as the trailer for Sing.

    1. "Set It All Free" - Scarlett Johansson
    2. "My Way" - Seth MacFarlane
    3. "Shake It Off" - Reese Witherspoon
    4. "Hallelujah" - Tori Kelly
    5. "Golden Slumbers" - Jennifer Hudson
    6. "Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing" - Tori Kelly
    7. "Faith" - Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande
    8. "Call Me Maybe" - Matthew McConaughey
    9. "Butterfly"
    10. "Ride Like The Wind"

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