IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff


    Maggie Rogers - "Dog Years"

    I can't get enough of Maggie Rogers. I can't wait for her to release a whole EP or album because so far she's two for two in my book. This song is a sparkly folky-pop number that's uplifting, positive, and ridiculously catchy. Maggie Rogers turned to Twitter to explain the song was inspired by a day she decided to skip class and "stay in bed and make frozen pizza with a boy I loved." It's all about trusting the universe, loving, leaving and trusting in yourself. And I totally dig it.

    RÜFÜS DÜ SOL - "Desert Nights"

    I'm throwin' it back a little to one of my favorite RÜFÜS songs because I'm SO excited to see them live (again) at Terminal 5 tomorrow night. If you ever get a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it. Their music is full of soulful, electro, nu-disco goodness and I can't get enough of Tyrone Lindquist's voice.

    Mansionair - "Hold Me Down (feat. Revier)"

    I love this song. It has a wonderfully slow build-up with guitar and synths and it sounds a little like Alt-J. I honestly haven't heard a Mansionair song I haven't liked but this one takes the cake.


    Mura Masa - "Love$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)"

    This is one of the most interesting collaborations I've heard in a long time. Masa's "Lovesick" was out for a while as an instrumental before A$AP hopped on this version in September, blessing it with two laid-back verses and an obligatory $ in the title. A$AP Rocky's infatuation with British lifestyles and artists continues to bring much-needed attention to incredible artists like Mura Masa.

    Ben Folds - "You Don't Know Me (ft. Regina Spektor)"

    I'm freaking out just a little bit that Ben Folds and Regina Spektor are showing up on the Hamilton Mixtape, BUT I promised myself I wouldn't listen to the music from Hamilton until I was actually seeing the stage production (which might never actually happen). So I will wallow in sadness, listen to this amazing pairing of voices, and think of what could have been. Ben Folds will always have a place in my heart for saying he makes "punk rock for sissies."

    Foxygen - "Follow The Leader"

    Foxygen continues to deliver the best kind of strangeness in their music. There's something about them that just doesn't sound like it could be anyone else. And "Follow the Leader" gives us just that. Sam France is in full effect, belting out idiosyncrasies and busting out some strange dance moves in the playful video. And the track gives a nod to funky influences like "Hot Fun in the Summertime." Keep doing you, Foxygen.


    Bonobo (ft. Szjerdene) - "Transits"

    As a huge fan of instrumental music, Bonobo is my most favorite. However, "Transits" features Szjerdene's gorgeous vocals that make the track all the more beautiful and mystical. The song is off of Bonobo's album "The North Borders." Seriously, it's a must-listen.

    Blonde Redhead - "Dripping"

    Off their album Barragan, "Dripping" is so uniquely exquisite in a sense that it has such a compulsive mix of percussion, electronic effects, and listless vocals. You also get a bit of a faux-disco feeling as well. It's hard not to fall into a daze while listening to this song.

    Neon Indian - "Polish Girl"

    Upbeat and buoyant, Neon Indian infuses the song with an array of synth lines, electronic percussions, and various sound effects. You can almost imagine yourself in a video game. Lead singer Alan Palomo sings starry-eyed above the electronic air, singing and remembering a past relationship.


    Lorde - "A World Alone"

    This record is old, but damn, I picked it up again for the first time in a while and it made me super emotional. This song, along with "Ribs" and "400 Lux," always made my eyes all watery as Lorde sang about growing up and feeling alone with her friends in the suburbs. It makes me feel happy and sad all at once.

    Pronoun - "just cuz u can't"

    I love this nostalgic rock sound coming from Brooklyn-based artist Pronoun. Her debut EP, there's no one new around you, is dropping on November 18th and I can't wait to throwback to the good old days.

    Beach House - "PPP"

    I just saw Beach House last night at King's Theatre so they've been on my mind. They played "PPP" off of Depression Cherry early on in the set and it's one of my faves. The chord progression alone is enough to mesmerize me, but then when singer Victoria Legrand extended the ending and started screaming, I got chills. I'll never be able to listen to this song without imagining her passionate live roar.

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