American Authors Dish On The Beauty of Brooklyn
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    A few weeks back we welcomed American Authors by our Brooklyn abode for a euphoric, acoustic session. Being local boys, we asked Zac and Dave for some thoughts on our beloved borough. "It helps you work harder," Zac told us. "If you're really not putting in the time and you're not committed, you're not going to make it." "The city will swallow you whole," added Dave.

    OK, that's kind of scary...but that's always been the New York way, hasn't it? Make it here, make it anywhere kind of sentiment. But, the good news is there's a place for creatives on the East side of the East River...something the band found out after dropping out of the Berklee College of Music and moving to BK to pursue the dream of American Authors.

    "So much of American Authors as a whole has been influenced by Brooklyn," Zac told us. "To be surrounded by so many different artists and musicians...with all that energy constantly circulating around us as a band, that's kind of what shaped who are today." Thank you Brooklyn, I suppose.

    The band also had a ton of other interesting tidbits to enlighten us with over the course of our conversation, dealing out advice for younger bands ("don't be afraid to suck!"), talking about how cool it is that a band like American Authors (or any band at all, for that matter) gets to be a part of the "pop scene", and of course touching on the phenomenon that is their ubiquitous single, "Best Day of My Life".

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