Guns 'N Roses Are Releasing New Music
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Fans of Guns N' Roses who may have been getting antsy waiting for a new album can rest a tad easier this evening: Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed has told Dave Bassner of VH1's Radio Network that there's plenty of finished material from the band. The only thing that stands between the public and these finished tracks is a tad bit mastering. "We'll pick out which songs need to come out with which other songs hopefully it will be really soon."

    It's not as if he's just a free-agent running his mouth, either. DJ Ashba, the band's guitarist, recently said that "lack of [finished] material is not an issue [for when this album gets released]. We have tons of stuff." When is it set to hit? Well, nobody's been clear about that or about exactly how big this album might be: rumors on the internet abound with some suggesting that this might even be a double album.

    The big question for most, it seems, is whether this yet unnamed release is going to take another nine years to come out. Any Roses fan is familiar with the fifteen-year delay on Chinese Democracy and, well, it's been six years since that infamous album finally dropped

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