BTS Of OK GO's 'Won't Let You Down' Music Video
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    If you were curious about just how OK GO put together the music video for "I Won't Let You Down" (and you should be; all quibbles aside the video is interesting to watch and so damn big that there's no way you won't wonder just how they managed this nonsense) then you're going to have to continue wondering.

    The band's little "making of" video for answers all of about three questions (yup, this was inspired by Busby Berkley; yup, it was filmed in Japan so they did not import hundreds of Japanese schoolgirls; like all of their videos this one, too, was plagued by environmental disaster) but none of the really technical questions you may have. Questions like, say, how they managed to get hundreds of actors to coordinate their umbrellas so perfectly or where they managed to scrounge up the hundreds of Honda Uni-Cubs used in the video or just how much of a video this logistically complicated was made in post-production (if any of it was!).

    What you will get is a lot of Damian Kulash telling you just how cool it is to be in the band and a lot of Tim Nordwind looking uncomfortable and trying to get a word in edgewise by way of a few uncertain mumbles. Not that anybody was expecting a major technical explanation in the scant five minutes offered but something a bit more probing or even a tad bit more revealing -- come on, there has to be a better story here than "oh hey it rained on us a lot" -- would be welcome.

    Still, catch it below:

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