• FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    Far from the hyper-viral visibility that comes with being the bearded, glasses-wearing bassist for OK Go, Tim Nordwind has teamed up with vocalist Drea Smith, formerly of beat-heavy He Say She Say, to craft moodily melting pop atmospheres under the moniker PYYRAMIDS. Their six-song debut EP Human Beings is available in all its streaming glory, coated in moping mystery and bedroom ennui.

    Introduced by mutual friends, the two bonded over a love of dark Brit-pop (yes we're talking about The Cure). A system of cyber-collaboration was thus sparked; Nordwind would email Smith a beat and she layered her vocals atop. Meeting in person after months of this process, the duo spit out half a dozen tracks, which comprise the spooky compilation. Human Beings starts out with the seductive hit "That Ain't Right." Synthy skirmishes smoke upon interjection with grounded acoustic guitar and Drea's stark lounge-y voice (which recalls Lykke Li) reinvents misty dreampop. "Perfect Picture" is subdued electro in the vein of New Order's tortured new-age dreams with vocals evocative of Madonna herself. The EP's title track "Human Beings" tiptoes and hides behind corners in a mirrored funhouse of banging beats and a super enticing bassline. The last song "Animal" brings us back home with its bouncy danceability and heavy riffing. Drea coos "I wish I could just put you away / Wanting you this much is a sin." PYYRAMIDS proves how giving in is best; this pairing is unabashedly sexy without trying too hard.

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