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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2010

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    Broken Bells, Danger Mouse's newest side project with the Shin's James Mercer, just put out an alternate video for their single "The Ghost Inside." A lot of people watching this must be thinking "hey, have I seen this before?" and yes, you have. According to The Vulture, Filmmaker and friend of the band, Matt McCormick, noticed how well the hand claps "The Ghost Inside" synched up with the clapping in "Private Eyes" by Hall and Oates. He then looked up the video and stuck Mercer's mouth over Hall's while synching up the rest of the song with the various shots from the original video. Depending on how easily impressed you are (like me), the outcome could blow your mind. Check out the video below.

    Also check out the much more theatrical and extremely less playful original video for "The Ghost Inside." ALso, if your in a weird mood, watch Hall and Oates' (at times poorly synched) video for "Private Eyes."-brendan mehan

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