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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 2010

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    A recent study from a group called Edison Research found that "12-to-24 year-olds are going to just 0.9 concerts per year on average, down from 2.1 in 2000". Yeah, that's like a 57% drop in concert attendance in the last decade. Are we experiencing a shift in live music valuation?

    Obviously we are very interested in this kind of data point. Baeble is a time-shifting device for live music, capturing shows and bringing them to the widest audience possible. Our service is the next best thing to being at the show (and sometimes better if you're looking for high quality sound). But we still feel that there is an intrinsic value for fans to support music they believe in by participating in the true live setting, and hearing that there is a downward trend in attendance is disturbing.

    Live performance is one of the final frontiers of making money with music. A gaggle of free MP3s has already led a generation of american kids to think that music can and should be free, and it may be too late to convince them otherwise. With economic trifles and inflated CD costs, physical sales have plummeted. Digital sales can't quite fill the void. Most artists make their cash on touring. What will they do if the kids don't find value in even seeing a band play anymore?

    Obviously this is one small study in a world where we are moving ever closer to 2012 and Willow Smith has a record deal, so take it with a grain of salt. The research chalks most of it up to The Great Recession, so that's good, I guess, because we can bounce back. But also take it with an appeal from us Baeble folks to continue to go out and support your favorite artists so we can all keep doing what we love; making, discovering, and sharing music.

    Read the whole article (with charts!) over at Digital Music News. -joe puglisi

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