Sara Bareilles' Armor is a Feminist Fight Song for our Times
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2018

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    It's been five years since Sara Bareilles released her mega hit "Brave" and ignited the nation. To say that the song was a viral phenomenon is an understatement, and its massive success inspired people everywhere to be themselves and stay Brave.

    First, there was the original.

    Then, this parody of the song went viral, for obvious reasons. We shed endless tears of compassion and joy as young cancer patients fought valiantly to get better.

    Hoda Kotb,Cyndi Lauper and Sara also made us all cry (and celebrate) with their epic mash up of "True Colors" and "Brave".

    A lot has happened since then. But Sara has not been sitting idle- she has been dominating other worlds like Publishing, Broadway and Television (Too bad NBC made such a mess of the audio in Jesus Christ Superstar – but she won a Emmy anyway).

    We have always been huge fans, and we've filmed her perform twice and interviewed her twice. She is smart, funny, unassuming, slightly profane and not afraid to be herself (our kind of woman).

    Fast forward to today, and Donald Trump, #MeToo, and politics of hate and fear divide a nation that feels like on the verge of a nervous breakdown. We relentlessly check the news to see what craziness has happened during the day. Who are we as a nation? Who are we as people?

    And, as always, there's a thousand problems that women have to face on top of everything else.

    Sara's new song "Armor" comes across as a feminist manifesto in the era of #MeToo, a fight to gain equal footing in a world long dominated by the white male patriarchy. Like all great songs, "Armor" is much bigger than its first impression. This is a fight song for us all to rally around.

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