WTF WEDNESDAY: Debbie Harry Got a Weave, Taylor Swift Got a TV Channel, and More
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Tomorrow is December 1st, which means we're officially in holiday mode. And since we're officially in holiday mode, we're thinking about what people get on Christmas and Hannukkah. You know what people get? Presents. So for this week's edition of #WTFWednesday, we're featuring a bunch of people getting stuff! (Like my atrocious attempt at a clever transition?) Debbie Harry gets a weave, Tayyyyylor gets a TV Channel, and another member of One Direction gets a baby! Let's dig into this juicy content.

    1. Debbie Harry gets hairy (I just laughed at my own joke as I typed that).

    Mom! What have you done to your head! is something I never thought I'd think to myself. But I don't mean that in a negative way... Debbie Harry looked frickin' flawless as she strutted down the red carpet at the opening of Charliewood: An Exhibition Of Transgressive Movement in her new 'do. Where'd they even get all the hair to make that weave? Part of me doesn't want to know... But either way, she looks like a flawless-gorgeous-mystical-magical-whimsical-fire emoji-angel face emoji-knife emoji-champagne bottle emoji #GODDESS.


    2. Another member of One Direction is having a baby.

    1D fans are like, still freaking out over 24-year-old Louis Tomlinson becoming a father, and now they have to warm up to the idea of another one hopping on the baby wagon. Actually, nope. It's not an idea. It's real and it's happening. 23-year-old (who's technically winning since he's younger) Liam Payne has officially knocked up the very preggo-looking Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini (or just Cheryl). Congrats to the happy couple! They first met when Payne was a wee-bit 14-year-old auditioning for The X-Factor and Cheryl was 24 and an X Factor judge. Kind of weird. Kind of romantic. Like Taylor Lautner once said in Twilight, "Age is just a number, baby." Except that it's totally not. 72-year-old Mick Jagger expecting a baby with his 29-year-old girlfriend is still freaking us the f*ck out.


    3. Taaay Tay is getting her own TV channel.

    Taylor has a full-fledged plan to take over the world and she just completed the next step: with her own 24-hour TV channel. Unsolicitedly coming to your screens soon! So now you can mix up all those cute Animal Planet clips with some basic girl bragging about her successful empire and strutting around in blindingly-bright-yet-still-boring figure skater outfits. This feels like U2 putting an album on our phones without our permission all over again. What could Taylor possibly have to say for 24 hours? Apparently, it'll be lots of behind-the-scenes stuff and never before seen concert footage. DIRECTV NOW's monthly subscription price starts at $35 and ATT&T is slowly starting to promo it on socials, starting with this tweet:

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