Watch Loyle Carner's Touching Music Video For 'The Isle of Arran'
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    Loyle Carner is due for big come up in the British rap game. The South London MC's debut album is due in January, a long time in the works. Carner's single "The Isle of Arran" came out a couple weeks ago, and today the accompanying music video was released. The visual remains in Carner's wheelhouse of expression, which brims with raw authenticity and vulnerable emotion. It's a powerful tribute to the issues surrounding young fatherhood, seeing Carner stroll through a hospital to find a woman and a small child. It's dark, with passing scenes of medical struggles, yet hopeful as Carner holds the baby and gently recites his rhymes to it.

    Carner said of the video: "A lot of my boys havent had the best relationships with their pops, but it's getting to the point where some of them are becoming fathers themselves. With this video, I just wanted to celebrate the ones who are doing right and sticking around, because slowly they're shedding the stereotype." The video ends by panning out from Carner's face to a whole array of young men holding children, staring straight at the camera. Carner puts a fittingly powerful exclamation point on what was already a soulful and sentimental song.

    With the album Yesterday's Gone arriving soon, now is the time to get familiar with Loyle Carner's direction and style. Not quite like anything here in the States or much of the fast-paced grime scene in the UK, Carner's style is definitely unique. Check out "The Isle of Arran" music video above, and other music from Loyle Carner below.

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