black lips get shut down at epic atlanta show
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2010

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    Black Lips are known for their rambunctious, drunken shenanigans. So it's not much of a surprise that their show in Atlanta on Saturday night was ridiculous enough to be shut down by local police. But the guys debut six new songs amongst the beer can flinging, and they are all said to be "rowdy rock jams". Rad!

    Unfortunately the Youtube coverage of this event is limited, so we can't show you any of the new cuts. We do have this delicious slice of the action courtesy of Spin:

    On an unnamed newbie led by whistling, the band was joined by a friend in corpsepaint, wearing an all-black elf outfit and a strap-on. Throughout the show, concertgoers (both girls and boys) climbed onto the stage and kissed members of the band, and later dozens of plastic balls were thrown into the crowd. Guitarist/singer Cole Alexander (notorious for spitting on himself at gigs) even showed off his new technique. He'd affix a loogie to the back of his guitar, hold it above his head and shake it back into his mouth.

    St. Pe even sang lead, on another untitled new song about high school. On "Dumpster Diving," the lone new track deviating from their melodic garage punk model, the band experimented with country sounds and invited a special guest to join them onstage: Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, who played tambourine, grinned, and danced about.

    Following a complete storming of the stage and a face full of beer for one unlucky bouncer, the authorities shut the whole thing down. Sounds like our kind of show! Oh yeah, devotees will recall we once caught these guys in action on a hot summer day... -joe puglisi

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