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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2010

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    Glittery synth licks and space-age melodics make Deluka's debut You Are The Night feel like a permanent trip inside a guitar-infused star machine. It's a lot of fun. They could easily soundtrack a video game or two (and maybe they have). But their sound owes its stylization to a different kind of aesthetic. It stems from both their relentless search for old, unwanted synthetic sounds and their dedication to the age-old art of stage presence. The keyboards on the record are all thrift store finds, old and worn down by years of neglect. And the band itself, clad in leather and thick accents, make sure every show is a sugar candy O.D. of rock and roll. Their album plays the exact same way, like a post trick-or-treating rush to the head, or the bodily consequences of consuming an entire bag of pixie sticks.

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    Concert: Deluka at The Bowery Electric
    MP3: "OMFG"
    Deluka on Myspace

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