what happened this (long) weekend?
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2009

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    Welcome back! While you were eating mashed potatoes, ten-plus beers deep and playing Call Of Duty with your twelve year old cousin, other stuff was happening in the world. Who got hurt? Who is back on their feet? Who made the above picture out of Jell-o? Your time begins now.

    Pencils down!

    • David Yow went crowd-surfing and wiped out, hard. The Jesus Lizard front-man had a rough trip along the seven foot tall crowd at Metro in Chicago on Friday night, and was subsequently rushed to the hospital. Luckily Jesus Lizard has experienced more injury than a pro-Football game, and Yow bounced back for his gig at Metro the following evening. [via Turn It Up]

    • The Strokes continue to tease us with rumors while returning to the stage. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture recently tweeted about scoping out studios in LA for January recording, and the band was announced as one of the headliners for the UK Isle of Wight festival in June. Tickets are on sale 12/4. [via Pitchfork]

    • David Byrne participated in some sort of weird Jell-O mold contest. The Talking Heads alum came up with the lovely looking "Baby's First Turkey" pictured above, but was beat out by "Turkey Burger" by David Hunter. Also, huh? [via The Daily Swarm]

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