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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2009

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    Ballsy moves involving whiskey and Jack White seem to pay off in glorious ways. Smoke Fairies are getting a record release courtesy of Third Man Records thanks to their new found pal, and it all happened by chance, in a bar, just like you'd expect it to happen. Rock and roll!

    The duo of Jess Davies and Kaf Blamire have been playing together since their school days in West Sussex. The duo has been especially busy this year; they released the Frozen Heart EP and toured extensively, even stopping off at Glastonbury. However, the best thing they ever did was take a break for a drink. One fateful night in Hoxton, they ran into the likes of Jack White in a bar and decided to make moves. They convinced the bartender to play one of their songs, and approached White with a glass of whiskey and a copy of the EP. Soon White was inviting the pair to open for him at the Dead Weather debut London show at the Kentish Town Forum. And just like that, White was calling them up to meet him in Nashville to record a 7", which he also offered to play on, to be released on 12/7 on Third Man Records. All for the price of a glass of whiskey and some guts.

    To listen to a preview of new White-produced track "Gaslight" as well as other, older cuts, check out the band's Myspace. -joe puglisi

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    Smoke Fairies on Myspace

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