'Pearly' Makes The World Palm's Oyster
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Peter Hammel

    Palm's year has been prosperous. Their single "Walkie Talkie" released in April showed serious promise, and they delivered on their larger work, the Shadow Expert EP back in June. In fact, they shattered expectations, structuring their pieces just a tad more from Trading Basics to produce top notch, genre busting work. "Two Toes" was dance-y as hell, with syncopated harmony shifts and a noise jam sectional. Despite the tight intro on "Two Toes," it's moments like the song's contrasting and colorful melodic conclusion that grabbed the music world's attention. These textured, almost shoegaze-y moments could be found on almost every track on Shadow Expert. Clearly at the conclusion in "Walkie Talkie" where their first album Trading Basics gets a shoutout, blatantly again at the end of "Shadow Expert," and tersely in the middle of "Walnut."

    Without a doubt, Palm have earned a license for melody, and, on "Pearly," they use that license with expert taste. The verses' instrumentations blend a synthesized motif used at the introduction with a typical Palm strumming, plucking, and block percussion. Add a steel dream, and this song becomes an atmospheric monster. It is dream-like, super melodic in its buildup and almost regretful in the chorus' waking whine. "Pearly" makes the world Palm's oyster.

    This track is still overwhelmingly Palm. Processed vocals and inconsistent time flood their sound. From an interview we had with Palm back in June, we learned that their instrumentation was going to change on their new record, Rock Island. I expect clarinet, but "Pearly" has me begging for overdose on steel drums and synth.

    Rock Island
    drops in 2018, but, till then, I'll keep my fingers crossed for more diamonds like "Pearly."

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