NOW PLAYING: How Nature and Isolation Helped Skylar Grey Pen Some of Her Biggest Hits
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2016

    • Posted by: Amy Tang

    Holly Brook Hafermann, better yet known as Skylar Grey, has definitely made a huge impact in the music industry, first co-writing "Love the Way You Lie" with British record producer Alex da Kid in 2010. The demo was ultimately used and featured on Eminem's album along with Rihanna, causing the track to skyrocket and even receive five Grammy nominations. In addition to those impressive feats, Grey released her debut album Don't Look Down in 2013 and her song, "I Know You," was featured in the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Needless to say, Grey accomplished a lot.

    However, in our recent interview, Grey stated that it wasn't easy getting to where she is today. Upon receiving a record deal at the age of 18, she inherently felt lost with what was insane writer's block. The solution? Isolation.

    Grey talked to us about her experience from growing up in Wisconsin to living in Utah, experiencing the outdoors as a therapy and a form of happiness. "Nature is a huge part of my life and inspires my lyrics and my state of happiness," Grey said. "I feel at I'm in touch with my innocence."

    Grey explained moving from the celebrity-ridden Los Angeles to a remote cabin in the woods in order to settle her mind and to know whether or not she wanted to return to the music industry. "The first song that come out of that whole experience was 'Love the Way You Lie'", she finally said, eagerly smiling as she announced that she did regain her passion for music once more. While on tour, Grey noted that seeing the crowd sing along to her lyrics was incredible to watch. "I get such a kick of that," Grey added. "I love it."

    Grey's new album, Natural Causes, was released on September 23rd. While the name may sound a bit like death, Grey explains that it mainly focuses on her passion for nature and its role in her life.

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