Flock of Dimes' Dreamy and Intimate Night at Rough Trade
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2016

    • Posted by: Alexander Spruch

    It was a beautiful autumn night as I, along with many others, decided to forgo game 7 of the World Series and head to Rough Trade at 10PM on a Wednesday night. The venue is one of the best in the city and I was excited to hear Flock of Dimes and their recently released album If You See Me, Say Yes. When I arrived, the crowd was already thick, all just as eager to see how the personal and sometimes eclectic sounding work would translate live. We would not have to wait long as the band, led by Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak, took the stage right on schedule.

    The band gave a quick wave and got right into it. Starting with the first proper song off the album (the intro song would be combined into the last song on the album to create the album title, clever) "Birthplace." The song set the tone for the rest of night perfectly, offering a strong dreamy vibe as well as providing hints of dance-provoking melodies that would be scattered throughout the set. Some of the aforementioned would be heard in the next song, "The Joke," that managed to get a few members of the cool Williamsburg crowd bobbing their heads up and down (shoutouts to security in the pit who was totally jamming out at this point).

    Throughout the night front lady Jenn Wasner would take a moment to thank the crowd for coming out and just appreciate how cool it all was. There were also moments of introspection and what inspired the songs, such as "Flight" being based on one of Wasner's worst decisions in her life. These musings gave the already intimate space a more personal feeling that is already changing the way the album sounds the more we listen to it. The appreciation went both ways between crowd and performer, as the crowd seemed more and more drawn in as the show went on.

    The setlist was essentially If You See Me, Say Yes with a couple of shuffles in the track list. "Semaphore," the single off the album, was the last song played (pre-encore) and the energy of the night peaked, with the majority of the crowd dancing along to the beautiful chorus. Proceeding this the band took the shortest stage exit I have ever witnessed (seriously, I'm not sure if the whole band had been off the stage for more than a second by the time Wasner and Roche returned) and came back to do a 2 person cover of Joni Mitchell's "Amelia." After that, Wasner thanked the crowd one last time and released us into the night, rejuvenated by the power of music and ready to live in a world with the Chicago Cubs as our 2016 World Series' Champions.

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