Bonobo Releases A Disorienting New Video For 'Kerala'
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    Electronica artist Bonobo released "Kerala," the first single and video off his upcoming album earlier today. The hip hop influenced electronic song overwhelms the listener with a multitude of layered loops that build throughout its duration. Bonobo blends acoustic string instrument sounds with programmed drum loops to create something both warm and synthetic. As the song progresses, female vocal samples are added that create a soulful tone, as well as an intensity from the quick and overlapping loops. Together, this myriad of different sounds builds to a climax, before devolving to glitchy reverb sounds at the end.

    The video accompanying this single both reflects and amplifies the intensity of the music. These visuals depict a woman seemingly trapped in the song, running through a park. She seems to be tortured by this music, forcing her to repeat moments before progressing through time, and leaving her disoriented and scared. This video forces the same experience on the viewer, looping back numerous times, mirroring the samples looped in the song, and progressing slowly, only after a number of loops have been completed. By trapping the viewer in these music loops, the video succeeds in both disorienting and entrancing the audience. This masterful use of visual art seems in line with much of Bonobo's rollout of his upcoming LP, Migration, announced via a stunning mural in London, which you can see HERE.

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