Tijuana Panthers' Music Video For 'Torpedo' Is All Speed
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Tijuana Panthers might have one of the most original names in the SoCal rock scene, a fact that puts them high in the running for most original band names in the world, and they've got energy, speed and a sense of humor that makes them worth your attention. For evidence look no further than their most recent music video, "Torpedo," launched on Halloween morning to celebrate their newest album, Wayne Interest (which landed back on June 3rd).

    So maybe there's something grating about the song's incessant repetition of the word "torpedo," as if they were afraid we might forget the name of the song, but the music's a light-as-air slice of surf-rock mania and the video? The video is a montage of videos cribbed from the public domain that's got an emphasis on motion: shots of racing cars overlap shots of biplanes going down in flames, which then dissolve into images of wolves racing through the snow. It's the missing link between Bruce Conner's classic short A Movie and Ed Wood's infamous Glen and Glenda montage sequence, not quite as smart as the former or as absurd as the latter, but still worth the 2 minutes it'll take you to get through.

    Warning: you won't want to blink while watching this one: speed is the key.

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