Taylor Swift Is So Over Dudes
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    For a hot minute, Taylor Swift had a pretty bad reputation for being a serious serial dater. Her personal life was beginning to overshadow her musical talent, making Taylor retreat from the dating scene and stick up for herself when people tried to make that the main focus of her fame.

    In a recent interview with British Cosmopolitan, Taylor expressed her new outlook on dating, dudes and why she doesn't need on in her life right now.

    "I've learnt that just because someone is cute and wants to date you, that's not a reason to sacrifice your independence and allow everyone to say whatever they want about you. I'm not doing that anymore," she said. "My girlfriends and I talk a lot about feminism and the inequality between the way men and women are talked about. The kind of things we say are, 'Why is it mischievous, fun and sexy if a guy has a string of lovers that he's cast aside, loved and left? Yet if a woman dates three or four people in an eight-year period she is a serial dater and it gives some 12-year-old the idea to call her a sl*t on the internet?' It's not the same for boys, it just isn't and that's a fact."

    Can't argue with that. Sounds like Tay is just gonna shake it off and keep moving forward.

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