Album Review: Florence and the Machine
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    At the onset of Ceremonials, the second LP from songstress Florence Welch and her band the Machine, "Only For A Night" builds a massive energy out of an epic melodic construction, and it's really exciting. There is an ignition of the synapses, sparking and fizzing to a dizzying crescendo, as we anticipate Florence wailing over and over until she's done smashing our brains against the wall. Then we get "Shake It Out," which essentially does the same thing; builds up the melodic line to an explosion of sound and energy, brain bashing, etc. Emotions are running high. And then, "What The Water Gave Me" happens, another epic chorus, another in-your-face wail from Florence and the stakes are raised a little higher. Then the panic sets in. Are we running a marathon of "epic" songs here? Surely they can't all be mountains. Can you keep up if every song has the emotional weight of Titantic?

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