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    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2010

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    Great news for Swedish electro-pop singer, Robyn, who snagged some prime publicity Monday night by being a featured performer on Gossip Girl. Bad new for us though because in order to see her performance we have to watch a clip from this season of Gossip Girl. As shown below, she performs "Hang with Me" at a party where some people are dressed nice and/or b*tch at each other. Then, "Dancing on my Own" is played as some people make out and/or b*tch at each other. DRAMA.

    The embed was disabled, see the video here.

    Ugh. Remember this? That's how you use your band on a soap opera.

    Nobody needs to watch that more than once, so make sure to check out Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 2 for the originals. And check out her next album, the long playing Body Talk to hear more. Body Talk is being released by Cherrytree on November 23rd.-brendan mehan

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