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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2009

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    Hailing from Champaign, Illinois (a place as quaint sounding as their music), Headlights spent some time in the Guest Apartment stripping down the already simple (and affecting) tunes of their latest album, Wildlife.

    Lead singer Erin Fein faithfully recreates her charming voice on tracks like the fast-paced "Secrets," but the removal of nearly everything save an acordian, keyboard and acoustic guitar riff, adds surprising new depth to the song. "Get Going" sounds brilliant; Tristan Wraight and Erin manage to keep some of the greatest sonic qualities of Headlights in tact through whistling, and the harmonies that permeate through Wildlife are present and stunning. Once you get to the cool-down "Wisconsin Beaches," it is clear that Headlights is a band that gets each other; a level of cooperation and synchronization that only a small, intimate acoustic setting can bring out and allow to radiate.

    Wildlife is out now on Polyvinyl. - Joe Puglisi

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    VIDEO: Headlights Play the Guest Apartment

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