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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 2009

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    November: the month of realizing how many anticipated releases won't come out until next year. Which bands spent their Monday hinting at new releases for 2010?

    British dance-floor enthusiasts Hot Chip have finally announced a new record coming in 2010. The band's last release was Made In The Dark (we liked it). Their next release is untitled as of now, but we will still probably like it! Oh, and a tour.

    The new album is set for a February release, right in the middle of winter to "warm the cockles of your soul" (yikes). I don't know if I want a bunch of British dudes warming my cockles. Anyway they are also going to tour in February , which is great because they haven't really been doing that lately, but for now it is only in the UK. More dates are still to be announced, including US dates, so stay tuned, Baeblers.

    Right now you can preorder the CD and get a brand spanking new free track and some exclusive footage via the interweb. Details on the Hot Chip merch website. I don't really know if any of this information could be considered "diverting," but maybe that means something else in England, kind of like "fairy floss" means cotton candy in Austrailia. What a weird world we live in, you guys.

    Also on the dossier; a mysterious website relating to the quixotic Liars was posted all over their Myspace yesterday, several blogs observed mid afternoon. The site doesn't give any information other than the name "Sisterworld" and three separate nature-scapes, complete with nature sounds in the background. Nothing else exists to indicate anything, really. Their publicist has confirmed a new album is due early next year... so what does this mean exactly? We should listen to the trees for the sound of Liars? Does it mean nothing? Save the environment in the mean time?

    Stay tuned for more details! -joe puglisi

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