BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: Song Premiere - Bay Ledges - I Wonder
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2018

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    We've been enraptured by LA based sibling duo Bay Ledges ever since we had the pleasure of debuting their track "Safe." Now, we are pumped to give you an advance peak at their new EP (out tomorrow) with the exclusive premiere of the track "I Wonder."

    The title of the EP speaks to brother Zach Hurd's emotional turmoil, and to letting go. "I'd been reading the autobiography 'Barbarian Days' by William Finnegan where he recounts his days as a big wave surfer. He talks about the experience of falling on some of these terrifying and monstrous waves and how the only way to really survive them is to relax your body as you get tossed around like a rag doll…panicking will only make you lose your oxygen more quickly." says Hurd. "I'd just gone through a breakup when I read that and it made me think of emotional waves I'd been feeling…it's tempting to scramble for some sort of vice to make it go away but there's really no escaping it. I'd just try my best to let them pass through and maybe write some of it down."

    "In Waves" was recorded at Hurd's home studio in LA and features collaborations with producers Miro Mackie (Dirty Projectors and St. Vincent), Christian Medice (Lovelytheband, Birthday, New Dialogue) and Jackson Greenberg (Rachel Cantu, Oscar nominated Netflix film Cartel Land and Netflix's Explained).

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