Why Kamaiyah's 'Mo Money Mo Problems' is So Good
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    When you first read the title "Mo Money Mo Problems," a few things might come to mind. You might think of all the graphic tees stuffed in the crevices at your local Forever 21. You might think of all the basic girls who actually buy and wear those graphic tees. Or maybe, you might just honestly think, "ha, funny joke." But when Oakland, CA-based rapper Kamaiyah starts rapping "Mo Money Mo Problems," it's not a joke. Suddenly, it sounds pretty damn good.

    The entire song is dedicated to party life (surprised?). Kamaiyah sings about luxury and only mentions champagne about a hundred times, "Guess jeans, Guess shirt like its 95'," "Hot tubs, champagne cause they go together / Big fur, big chains in the coldest weather," and "I'm sipping Moet out the bottle / I'm headed to the top from the bottom." Kamaiyah is a woman with big dreams! What can we say? The song is full of braggadocio yet there's something about both her and the song that's modest and different from similar songs. Kamaiyah is pretty normal and relatable - and while clearly exuding confidence, we feel like we're friends and could actually go to a party with her. She just seems like a really chill girl with a lot of positivity to spread. Waiting for that invite, girl!

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