INTERVIEW: XYLO on Working with The Chainsmokers and Hitting the Road with The Naked and Famous
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    After collaborating with today's hottest hitmakers The Chainsmokers and touring with The Naked and Famous, LA-based brother-sister duo XYLØ are most certainly an act to watch. They recently released their collaboration with The Chainsmokers, "Setting Fires," which reached 18+ million views on YouTube alone, so naturally, they're kind of blowing up. We had the chance to talk to the duo about how tour life is treating them, what it was like to team up with another duo, and what's coming up next for the electro-pop makers.

    BAEBLE: So you just headed on the road with The Naked and Famous - that's pretty huge. How's it been going so far?

    XYLØ: Tour has been amazing. The Naked and Famous along with their crew has been incredibly nice to us and we've become pretty close on this tour. The gigs have been awesome. We have gotten such a positive response and met many new fans. Overall 10/10 experience for our first tour.

    BAEBLE: Do you have any fun fan stories?

    XYLØ: We have met some really amazing people while on the road. We met a fan in D.C. who said he has been listening to us since our first song, "America," which only has 1,000 streams on SoundCloud. "America" is about a country forcing two people apart and he was going through a similar experience. Him and his wife were apart for a year while she had to take a job in India. It was pretty amazing hearing someone else's experience and how our music connected with them through a tough time. We got to meet him and his wife and we even invited them to hang out with us the next day. It was pretty awesome.

    BAEBLE: Which city are you most excited to visit on this run?

    XYLØ: New York will always be my favorite city. The energy is overwhelming in the best way. I always feel so alive when I'm there. Plus the food is incredible.

    BAEBLE: How did the collaboration with The Chainsmokers come about?

    XYLØ: We received an email from our management that said they were interested in collaborating with us. We met them at one of their shows and hung out - and after a couple of months, the collab finally came to life.

    BAEBLE: What was it like collaborating with them? What did the process look like - especially with a double duo collab?

    PAIGE DUDDY: We got to go in the studio together and track the song. They're really awesome people and made me feel extremely comfortable. They knew exactly what they wanted and knew how to bring the emotion out of my voice.

    CHASE DUDDY: They sent over a track that we were digging and we recorded Paige's vocals and sent them a rough cut - a few months went by until we recorded the final at Westlake Studios. Over the past couple of years, we've become friends with them and have been talking about doing a project together, this just seemed like the right moment.

    BAEBLE: So what's next for you after this tour?

    XYLØ: We have a new single coming out in December and some headlining shows TBA in 2017!

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