GEAR TALK TUESDAY: The Secret Behind Making Beats with Grammy-Nominated Producer Zayde Wolf
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Zayde Wolf, aka Dustin Burnett, is a Grammy-nominated producer as well as the co-founder of That Sound, a boutique drum sampling company that has become the go-to for songwriters and producers who are in the market for new drum samples and sounds. "At the heart of every Zayde Wolf song is a huge beat. I start writing every song from a drum beat, and that beat is really the essence and backbone of the song," he tells us, which is no surprise given what he does for a living. When listening to his songs, like his latest "Born Ready," you can feel how heavy the beat is - it makes for a gorgeous, empowering Imagine Dragons-esque anthem.


    "To make that huge beat it takes a pile of drum layers. I'm always pushing for bigger and dirtier, but there is one drum that is a go-to on every track," Wolf expands. "I have this 1970's blue and white sparkle 28" Gretsch bass drum that has been the heart and soul of Zayde Wolf."

    Making beats is pretty essential for any aspiring producers out there. A method that could really change the beat-making game is layering, says Wolf. "I will typically record the drum, resample it, and layer it with other sounds to get the vibe I'm going after. I try not to have any rules on how far I could distort, pitch, EQ, or compress the drums. I also have this 32" gold sparkle vintage Ludwig bass drum that is just super over the top, and I will layer both drums together. It would be hard to let either of these go!"




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