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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2012

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Taking Back Sunday can claim one of alternative rock's seminal moments; the release of their 2002 classic Tell All Your Friends. It was a record that picked up from where bands like The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World had left off. Taking nods from their predecessor's flirtation with pop culture, Taking Back Sunday opted for an all-out, sloppy love affair instead. That album's perfectly titled namesake captured the beauty of the songs contained within. You heard it and you yapped to everyone you knew about it. In honor of aTell All Your Friends's 10th anniversary, the original line-up (which had gone separate directions over the years) reunited to give fans a special dose of tear worthy nostalgia and sentiment (perhaps you saw our man's coverage of the tour's recent stop in NYC). Singer Adam Lazzara and guitarist John Nolan also felt fit to give our audience a similar treatment, stopping by Baeble HQ a couple months back to play a trio of songs from their past. It's a compelling change of pace from the electric mayhem the Long Island outfit has been serving up on tour. Have a look at some acoustic performances and learn a little bit about the story that brought these boys back together after so many years. We have a feeling you'll be telling your friends all about this one.

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