Late Night: Michael Jackson Impersonator on Conan
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    In terms of first starts, reviving the King of Pop is probably the way to go. Das Racist's television debut on Conan last night growls, electrifies, and rumbles in a huge way with the inclusion of a drummer and two unexplainable sour-faced cymbal banger girls. It gets all strangely collegiate as Dap forcefully preaches the lyrics "Michael Jackson / A million dollars / Ya feel me?" from behind a podium and Heems spins himself around wearing one of those sweet varsity sweaters. Kool A.D. was next making use both of the stage and his head to play his keys before swapping to the drummer's set after removing his own sweater to reveal a Nirvana T-shirt. As the song pummels through to the brain cavity, a ridiculously on-point MJ doppleganger slides into view, moon-walking and toe-tapping til the weirdness just stops. Das Racist is obviously a clan of rarely understood dudes, but it's just so much more fun to enjoy than to hate on 'em.

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