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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2010

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    Sorry guys, it's almost not worth teasing you this week. It looks like late night TV is taking a longer Thanksgiving weekend than we thought, because the reruns seem to extend well into December. There are a few notable appearances, so we'll mention them here, but it looks like your late night fix might have to re-watching Friends and Seinfeld for the billionth time. But if you like cute things, read on!

    Your late night TV watching schedule.

    MONDAY (11/29): Nicki Minaj (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
    Kid Cudi (Conan)

    TUESDAY (11/30): Go eat a nice steak dinner.

    WEDNESDAY (12/1): Sting (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart)
    Cake (Conan)
    Cee-Lo Green (Lopez Tonight)

    THURSDAY (12/2): Deerhunter (Conan)

    FRIDAY (12/3): Bowling?

    I'm really sorry this list is so skimpy, you guys. Accept this music video as my apology.

    -joe puglisi

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