The Week In Streams
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    Welcome back to the working week kids. While we may all be back in our offices, it looks like the Internet is still stuck in it's post-turkey nap on the couch, leaving us lacking some album streams this week. Maybe it passed out during Nickelback and decided to just give up. Hang in there, Internet. We need you. This week, we have Gorrilaz releasing a career-spanning collection of singles. Next, we have the first official mixtape from hip-hop outfit Latryx. If you're still hungry for more, you can always keep it here and stream our mixtape of favorite singles from this year, and vote for your favorites.

    Gorrilaz, The Singles Collection 2001-2011 - 11/28

    Latryx, Latryical Madness Volume 1 - out now

    Various, Best Of Baeble Singles Mixtape - listen and vote now!

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