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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2012

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Seattle-based indie-emo-rockers Barcelona drew The Launch Pad's most diverse audience - including droves of faithful underage fans, which were stopped at the door (we're sorry about that). For those of you who weren't able to catch Brian Fennell's poetic tunes at Spike Hill on that special Saturday night, we've got you covered.

    We recently caught up with Barcelona's drummer, Rhett Stonelake, who reflected on their performance at The Launch Pad.

    How was your overall CMJ?

    CMJ 2012 was a great experience. This was our first visit back to NYC since late 2009, and that performance was out on Long Island. The energy from the city and buzz at the festival is a great atmosphere to be around.

    How would you describe your show at Spike Hill?

    Our showcase with Baeblemusic at Spike Hill was actually a really fun show for us. Being at the epicenter of all things hip (in the heart of Williamsburg) I think we were a bit reserved when we first rolled in, assuming that the crowd present wouldn't have the time of day or interest to listen to our music. Boy were we wrong. It really had a lot of energy from the beginning of the set and we were pleased with our performance.

    You guys have some pretty devoted fans. Did you catch up with any after the show?

    Being that our last visit was in 2009 and our two CMJ showcases were our only east coast performances this year, we did have quite a few fans travel from out of state to see the shows. One couple in particular was there celebrating their wedding anniversary so that was pretty special. Anytime we have the opportunity to talk with our fans and hear a little part of their story, I think we are grateful knowing the lengths at which they have worked to discover our music and have that mean something to them. Whether it's personal or relational or whatever, we're just happy to connect and listen. It was such great thrill for us to see this support considering how long it had been since we were in NYC. We've got great fans.

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