Lorde Cuts Loose Her 'Yellow Flicker Beat' On The Tonight Show
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Last year 17-year-old Lorde made her US television debut on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon with her Grammy winning single "Royals." Last night an 18-year-old Lorde returned to the Tonight Show sound stage to perform her latest single "Yellow Flicker Beat," her contribution to the soundtrack she curated for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. The unfortunate reality is that late night sound stages are acoustically unforgiving when it comes to Lorde's wicked low husk. The track is a forceful fight song, the kind of desperate charge the underdog army makes while the city's walls are falling down around them—someone obviously read The Hunger Games. With that in mind, the soundstage of The Tonight Show is hardly the epic battle ground, but Lorde stood ever the sorceress leader in her physical performance, contorting to the cracks in the beat.

    Lorde, who kindly told Fallon to call her Ella, also talked about what it's like to be Taylor Swift's manager. Apparently Swift is a stone cold prankster with an on point parched sense of humor. Other points of discussion include Shake Shack, her shock at the breakout success of "Royals," and the long nights of work that went into curating the soundtrack for Mockingjay Part 1. While I'm an absolutely massive supporter of this kid, woman, wicked witch, whatever, I will say she's cool as a cucumber fielding Fallon's questions as though she was just this underage accidental prodigy artist who has climbed music's mountains alone. The reality is that she's worked very closely with songwriter/producer Joel Little in the composition of her discography. Collaboration doesn't diminish Lorde's talent, but it takes a little more than Soundcloud and a love of the game to make it into the major leagues of pop, and just once I'd love to hear one these incredibly accomplished, hard working, young artists talk about fielding that opportunity.

    Alas, smoke and mirrors make the myth, and myths are the stuff of legends. Watch her interview in the clips below:

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