• FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2016

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    "Redbone" by Childish Gambino

    The retro soul vibes coming from Childish Gambino right now are addicting. "Me and Your Mama" wowed me a couple weeks ago, and now "Redbone won't get out of my head. Gambino is flexing his vocal range and definitely testing the boundaries of how recognizable this album will be. Awaken, My Love! is going to be a good one.

    "Wanderlust" by Blackbear

    Blackbear is something like what happens when a scene kid finds R&B. Moody lyrics and beats that'll get you all the way in your feelings. His new project Cashmere Noose came out recently, and while he's branched out in some new directions, "Wanderlust" reminded me of the Blackbear I originally got to know.

    "Castles Made of Sand" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    Not many sounds as beautiful as Jimi Hendrix's guitar have ever been recorded. And while it's not always focused on, Jimi's voice is also one of my favorites ever. This classic song is one of the best marriages of those two smooth, bluesy voices that The Jimi Hendrix Experience created in their short career. Won't ever top my favorite, "Little Wing," but it's right up there.


    "Crave" by Pharrell Williams

    Between all of the different vocals, guitars, bass line, and horns, this is such a dynamic song. And that funky groove is incredible. Its like Pharrell found the best rhythm ever and then just effortlessly riffed off of it. So much feeling.

    "Redbone" by Childish Gambino

    Continuing down the groovy path, Childish Gambino's latest single is another goodie. A little funk, a little psychedelia, a little SBTRKT-esque vocalsHow could you go wrong? Awaken, My Love! is definitely a most-anticipated album for me.

    "Atlantis (feat. Kaiydo)" by Bridgit Mendler

    Everyone's like, "Bridgit Mendler, Kirsten? The Disney Channel star? Really?" Yes, guys. Really. This song is so cool and vibey. Got it on repeat this week.


    "Marzipan Children" by Little People

    This instrumental track has been on repeat for me for the past couple of days Im starting to wonder if this is healthy. From Little People's 2012 album We Are But Hunks of Wood, Marzipan Children is the first track that really gives you a taste of Little Peoples sound. Playful and electrical yet dreamy and pleasant, the song exudes a variety of textures and sounds that leave you feeling mystical.

    "Cherry" by Chromatics

    Ever listened to the opening track in Schoolboy Qs Man of the Year? What youre hearing is a sample of Chromatics Cherry. The song oozes gorgeous synth melodies and airy vibes especially through their vocals. The song itself definitely makes you feel as if youre in euphoria.

    "Garde Le Pour" Toi by Paradis

    Paradis has become one of my all-time favorite electronic duos ever since I discovered them while studying in France and this has been one of my favorite songs from them. Their sound is incredibly eccentric and that's because prior to creating their music, Mny and Rousseau had completely different backgrounds in terms of how they wanted to structure their sound. They were eventually able to merge their interests together and create catchy French pop beats mixed with contemporary characteristics of dance music.


    "By Your Side" (feat. Nancy Anderson) by Quays

    This song has such a chill vibe to it. Its a perfect song for zoning out and the vocals are so hypnotising. The production of this song is so on point. Every Quays song Ive heard is a total banger.

    "Broken Record (Louis The Child remix)" by soysauce

    Ugh, I love this song so much. I saw Louis The Child at Governors Ball over summer and it was one of the most fun sets Ive been to. They know how to spice up songs and they did this one up perfectly. The original is also incredible but Louis The Child made the song much more playful.

    "Helpless (feat. Ja Rule)" by Ashanti

    No, this is NOT a joke. Ja Rule and Ashanti came out with a new song today and I'm pretty sure I squealed out loud. Anyone who knew me circa 2002 knows that Ja Rule and Ashanti songs made it on all of my playlists so I'm happy this collab has happened again. And what's more bizarre than Ja Rule and Ashanti reuniting after all these years is that "Helpless" is from The Hamilton Mixtape. What.


    "Dark Comedy Late Show" by Open Mic Eagle

    Open Mike Eagles music is dark and sarcastic, but it speaks to me so much. Dark Comedy Late Show is kind of a continuation of an older song of his, Dark Comedy Morning Show. Everytime I go back to listen to his music, it finds a way to still be relevant.

    "Ex-Cathedra" by Little Comets

    Little Comets is definitely one of my all-time favorite bands. I dont know how it took me this long to realize that their The Sanguine EP from 2014 is on Spotify, but it did. Ex-Cathedra is my favorite song on it and its been keeping my head up throughout this week.

    "I Cant Go On Without You" by Kaleo

    I was introduced to Icelandic rock band, Kaelo, when their second album, A/B, came out in June. I Cant Go On Without You is a slow rolling storm of soul. Dont be fooled when it pulls back into silence, because thats just the song getting ready to crash into you again.

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