Paramore Drops New Video For 'Hate To See Your Heart Break'
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    We're used to seeing Paramore serve up wild and well crafted creative videos, which translate to big budget, styling and weeks of planning. Well, in their new video for "Hate To See Your Heart Break" featuring Joy Williams, Hayley Williams took cameras into the studio with Williams during their writing and recording session to capture their time and turn it into the video.

    The song is sweet, beautiful and very un-Paramore, however Hayley told NPR it was something she's been thinking about for a long time.

    "I think down deep I had been dying to write a song like this for a long time. What I love about 'Heartbreak' in particular is that both vocal melodies are strong enough to be leads but they sort of act as harmonies to each other." Hayley added, I love that I got to sing this with someone who I have shared my pains and my stories with for quite some time. Someone whom I know well and who I've sat and listened to as they share their own pains. It was never meant as romantic song between lovers but always a song to a friend. Now it's even more special. I think of it as an ode to sisterhood. Close friendship between women who share their stories with each other and who lift each other up and understand one another."

    Press play below.

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