Seinfeld2000 Made a George Costanza-Themed Arcade Fire Music Video
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Seinfeld Current Day (Seinfeld2000), the satirical Twitter account that diligently mocks the lauded SeinfeldToday, was once thought to have fallen off the edginess edge after being exploited by VICE. However, the mysterious user's latest misspelled endeavor has re-instilled our faith in his anti-hero persona as he's crossed borders into the realm of Arcade Fire hype. With help from Reflektor's "Here Comes The Night Time", Seinfeld2000 has generously assembled a massive cut of George Costanza's romantic tragedy with Susan Ross. And of course, its subtitled dialogue has been transformed with his moronic flare.

    Together, let's all imagen Susen never eat stamps.

    Watch below.

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