album review: wale attention deficit
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2009

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    The much anticipated debut from Wale is appropriately called Attention Deficit; the DC rapper flows extraneous topics with ease, but when it comes to introspection, the picture is fuzzy. The Mixtape About Nothing taught us the cultural savvy and rap-referential mockery of a rhyme-slinger unafraid to laugh at his own job. The follow-up mixtape was no less sticky but less cohesive, a red flag that we'd never get the complete puzzle picture of Wale as a persona. Instead, he remains a cultural construct, billing producers left and right on his tracks, nabbing guest spots, and never allowing us to peek behind the curtain at the man pulling the levers.

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    MP3: Wale - "90210" (Attention Deficit)
    Wale on Myspace

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