Killer Mike Hits The Stump For Bernie Sanders
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    We here at Baeble won't be endorsing anyone for president -- although I feel pretty comfortable telling you not to vote for the fascist/racist/xenophobic Donald Trump -- but Atlanta underground rap icon and Run the Jewels MC Killer Mike has no such qualms. Killer Mike has always been one of the most overtly political rappers working today. 2012's R.A.P. Music is as important as anything Kendrick and Kanye released this decade, and both Run the Jewels records explore Killer Mike's righteous and deserved political anger. And although Killer Mike has been vocal in the past for his distrust of both Republicans and Democrats, he's been won over by Vermont Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.

    Killer Mike endorsed Bernie Sanders a while back, but during a speech that Bernie Sanders gave in Atlanta recently, Killer Mike gave a powerful and impassioned speech grounded in a realistic worldview of the state of contemporary politics. Killer Mike has as much fire behind the podium as he does dropping verses, and maybe there's a career in politics for Mr. Michael Render down the line.

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