Wildcat! Wildcat! Covers Paula Abdul's 'Straight Up'
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Before Paula Abdul was labeled a loopy judge on American Idol and then disappearing in to obscurity, she was the hottest pop-star to strut her shit in the late '80s. her single, "Straight Up" was a smash and made Paula a household name.

    More than 25 years after the song and video release, indie-pop outfit (and our latest Cool Buzz band) Wildcat! Wildcat! has covered the pop classic. The band has taken the up tempo '80s dance track and turned it into a slow and dreamy electro-rock ballad. Basically, if you aren't familiar with Paula's original version, you'd think Wildcat! Wildcat! wrote and arrange the song as an original.

    It's a boss cover we'd love to see them perform live at their next show!

    Take it for a spin and for those curious (or just plain nostalgic), you can check out Paula's video after.

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