Watch Beyonce's Sick '711' Video
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    When Bey dropped the full cut of her new single "7/11" I was suspiciously disappointed. The snippet that leaked had nothing in it that said Beyoncé, and when the full track dropped my initial fears seemed to be confirmed: trap disaster of a track. I'm not one to go cold on a artist for switching their style up, and since the internet-breaking release of BEYONCÉ in 2013, she's unrolled a much more hip-hop rap-centric identity. Which, I've throughly enjoyed when it showcases her nasty talent. "7/11" just had no immediately recognizable Bey, no wicked vocal breakdown, no nothing that Willow Smith couldn't have pulled off.

    Then she dropped the video, and I ate my words. The video is all Bey. You want to talk authenticity? Bey basically had a girls night slumber party and danced around her LA penthouse apartment in mismatched baller jammies. Watch her try and fail to breakdance, try and succeed to ride a rumba, and giggle, and drink, and play dress up with her crew. BeyoncÉ made a music video she could have shot on an iPhone, and it's everything. Watch it below, and praise Bey:

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