Arcade Fire's William Butler Lights Fire Of His Own With 'Policy'
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    In case anyone was suffering under the delusion that Win Butler was the only brain behind Arcade Fire here comes a little bit of a rebuttal from his younger brother, Will. Seems he's striking out on his own to push out a solo album, Policy, by March of 2015. How does it sound? Can't quite tell you yet: Merge Records describes it as "American music," but then goes on to compare it to The Breeders, Bob Dylan, The Magnetic Fields and Ghostface Killah whichreally gives nobody any kind of clue as to what, exactly, this album's gonna sound like...

    The video provided by Merge doesn't answer much anything, either: it's basically scattered pieces of other, longer music videos. You can check it out below, case you like being apprehensively excited about things (I know I do!). If it makes you any more comfortable, he did score the award-winning soundtrack to Her, and if that's any indication of where this album's going then you might be right to drop the apprehension.

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