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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2009

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    Yesterday I mentioned Lady GaGa and Big Macs and made some profound conclusions about how pop music sometimes could be considered bad for you in large quantities. NOW, who here would eat a hamburger every day if they could? What if it was made of %100 sustainable beef with a whole wheat bun and Pitchfork might actually talk about it? Well then put on your hemp recyclable shirts and ride your second-hand organic rubber bicycle to Annie-town.

    Read up and then we can discuss. Annie has been called "a pop singer with credibility," which is like saying she has no trans-fats! Great! Feel free to dance to her during your Vegan Thanksgiving when you invite over your Co-op to eat tofurkey squares and drink pumpkin juice and later maybe beat up some Butchers with your %100 bamboo hockey sticks. (Too much?*) Anyway check out this bumping track from Annie's latest record, Don't Stop, which recently dropped in the US (for real live distribution. It leaked last year. Hence we've talked about her before.).

    Annie may not make it on to the radio quite yet, but if she isn't spinning at your next "Adopt-a-stray" mixer, your too-large-for-their-head glasses wearing friend might judge you. Get with it, poseur! -joe puglisi

    *We at Baeble Music strongly encourage you to decide if you like Annie for yourself. And to eat the way you would like to eat. All of our readers are equally important to us. Even members of PETA.

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    MP3: Annie - "I Don't Like Your Band" (Don't Stop)
    Annie on Myspace

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