WTF WEDNESDAY: Justin Bieber's Latest Tattoo, Nick Jonas' Hot Mag Cover, Adele Pregnant Again?
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Ah, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. A holiday filled with family fun, food, and total purity as we gather around the fireplace with our 5 year-old cousins and sing songs about dancing snowmen and gently-baked ginger bread cookies. Can't f*cking wait.

    Before we start pretending to be perfect little angels for our grandparents at church tomorrow, let's indulge in just a few more #WTF moments.

    1. Justin Bieber reveals new tattoo and SPOILER: it ain't good.

    You'd think that for all of the money and connections Bieber has, it would be SOMEONE's job to tell him what's cool and what's not. Like, if he wanted to get a huge "SON OF GOD" tattooed across his abs, that would be a perfect time for someone to step in and say, "Hey Jus, maybe you shouldn't do that!" But hey... The Biebz has already started going down the path of self-destruction, so what can ya do? At a recent concert in Bologna, Italy, the Biebz lifted up his shirt to reveal his *sick new ink* and fans squealed, some even got to touch it. Wow! Imagine calling home to your mother to tell her 'bout that!

    A video posted by king bizzle (@trustnobizzle) on

    2. Nick Jonas graces the cover of Mens Fitness and we're feeling so blessed. #NSFW

    #Srsly, when did Jonas get hot? He's like...Super hot now. Check out his abs on the new cover of Mens Fitness (and take a real good, long, hard look, because you won't be able to look at this tomorrow with your Dad sitting next to you).


    3. Is Adele preggo again #???

    Okay, so I don't personally think Adele is preggo again, but a lot of people think that she is after watching this video (watch HERE) of one of her concerts, where at the end she says "Take me down. Im gonna go have another baby!" Oh come on, people. That's probably just some weird British slang, like "Sharon is the bee's knees" or "Bob's your uncle!". British people say weird stuff all the time... I wouldn't get your panties in a bunch (pretty sure that's another British phrase. Damn, I'm killin' it).

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