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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2010

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    As we enter the Holiday season in America, I've been asking myself, what am I thankful for? For starters, I'm thankful that I haven't succumbed to the Facebook gambit of listing something that I'm thankful for as part of my daily status updates. Thinking a little more big picture: I am thankful every day for getting out of bed (because there comes a day for everyone where you don't get back up anymore, I'd like to get there later rather than sooner). I am also thankful for my family; my wife is so much smarter than I am and my daughters are impossible to impress, which makes me smile.

    Anyways, moving away from the personal to our work at Baeblemusic, I want to highlight a few of the things I am thankful for in our shop on 10th Street.

    The immense talent of the staff at Baeblemusic and the artists we work with.

    A friend who works with us on an occasional basis in the production side told me what he liked about my people was that they show up and they all know what to do, they communicate well with each other and have the same objective of making the best possible product in mind. They are all so cool and unafraid to wear cardigans to work. We have decided that there is now such a thing as a "Power Cardy" — you think Armani is reading?

    We are thrilled every day to be working with the artists we chose to work with and those that seek us out. Our job is to help amplify their already immense talents across our growing distribution network. Last night sitting at the kitchen table, I put one of our videos on through my Blackberry (a little too loud) and one of my daughters danced her way into the room. I thought my wife was going to strangle me in that moment, calling my behavior "obsessive". The music gives me (us) pleasure every day and we hope it does for you as well.

    Our Interns.

    They (almost all) show up every day for nothing more than a thank you and do a great job. Some make lasting impressions and some don't, and others never leave. We have had a few colorful ones who have livened up the office environment. Who in our office will forget having to pay one off on some business intelligence work with a bottle of Jagermeister?

    Our Audio Engineer.

    This is one of our great points of pride. We cultivate an album oriented audio aesthetic and mostly deliver. To steal a quote from one lucky guest on MTV's Cribs as he gestures to his tacky, ornate bedroom: "this is where the magic happens".


    These guys run the internet. Do not bother to think otherwise. But why are we thankful for them? Google's systems and feedback is the yardstick that we measure ourselves against every day. Sometimes the feedback isn't pretty, but it's the best incentive to better each day. We are also extremely thankful for their massive Google TV effort (even if the NY Times hates the product), shining an ever-brighter light on sites like ours while we make the jump to the Living Room.

    Roku, Boxee, Google TV and others to come.

    These devices are in their infancy but they are unleashing an unstoppable force that is going to change media consumption forever. We are riding this powerful wave into your Living Room. Buy yourselves one of these devices as a treat this season, don't bother with their WIFI connections — plug them into your router, your entertainment system, and turn up the Baeble channel nice and loud. Go ahead annoy your spouse/roommate and the neighbors.


    The only social media that matters, everyone else is a pretender. Our fans relentlessly share our videos with their friends on Facebook by commenting on the video, 'Liking' it and 'Liking' us. There is nothing more powerful in marketing than an endorsement from a friend. Facebook is our friend here and keeps us honest.


    After all why are we here? Our objective every day is to deliver video, editorial and audio programming that keeps you informed and entertained. We like doing this, to overuse "Thrill", I know this is what we get every day as you watch our videos and read our articles. Keep it up and tell all your friends.-David Moffly

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